Changing Habits to Help Lower Cholesterol

Most people are just doing what they have always done since they were children. All children are granted permission by their parents to eat cookies, cakes, potato chips, hamburgers, and other foods saturated in hydrogenated oils. As people grow up into adults, they keep these same habits of eating the wrong kind of foods. A person may feel that it is too late for them because they would have had to already started to eat healthy many years ago, but that is not true. Habits are ingrained in to people that can become very hard to change, but it is not impossible. The easiest and the best thing a person can do is to slowly integrate better foods into their diets, until the more healthier foods become more of a habit than the less healthy foods. Eating healthier foods may become more of a habit, but they can also end up tasting just as good, or even better than less healthy foods. Wheat bread with the butter called Promise would make a tasty snack, rather than a handful of cookies. Cookies contain hydrogenated oils, which are trans fats, and trans fats raise LDL cholesterol levels. LDL cholesterol is the bad cholesterol that people do not want to raise because it can lead to heart disease.

Any kind of red beans are tasty foods. Adding Promise to a bowl of pinto beans would add a great taste for a good meal. If a person can spend their whole day only eating foods that do not have trans fat in them, they would be surprised at how much better they will feel throughout their day. They will have more energy, and feel less lethargic and tired. Cutting cholesterol levels can help in many kind of ailments, such as chronic pain. Studies have linked chronic pain to the over consumption of trans fats. Trans fats can make a body feel like lead. Thinking about lead flowing through a person’s blood stream does not look like a pretty picture, but is basically what is happening. Cholesterol is in the blood. When a person has high cholesterol, it can cause blood clotting. People may not believe that this will never happen to them, but the effects of high cholesterol could cause a stroke at any time. Having high cholesterol is not a small problem, it is a huge issue. Lowering cholesterol will become a life long task for people who are trying to get their levels back down. It will be their main focus. It is better to create better habits now, rather than later when a person is forced to do it.

Being forced to make habits is a lot more stressful than a person ingratiating better habits at a slower pace.