Supplements That Help to Lower Triglycerides

Triglycerides are the culmination of fat in both the HDL and LDL cholesterol levels in the blood. After the body digests and distributes the carbohydrates and energy from food, the triglycerides will be what is left. When a person eats more food with a lot of calories that are more than what their bodies need, their triglycerides could be raised to a dangerous level. This is where the term high cholesterol comes from. A person has high cholesterol when their triglycerides, and their HDL levels are up. A person can find out if their triglycerides are too high by having their blood drawn at a doctors office. The main thing that physicians will look at when checking a persons triglyceride levels, is to find out how low their LDL levels are. The LDL cholesterol in the blood stream is good cholesterol, and HDL is bad. If the LDL levels are higher than the HDL levels, then those are good numbers. If the HDL levels are higher, then those are bad numbers. High levels of triglycerides can cause problems to the pancreas and the heart. Coronary heart conditions are caused by high levels of triglycerides. If a person is obese, or if they are a diabetic, they may already have high levels of triglycerides. It is not that a person is trying to lower their triglyceride levels, it is that they are trying to keep them at a balanced number. If triglycerides are too low that can cause many problems as well, such as hyperthyroidism, malnutrition, and a syndrome called malabsorption.

Having high cholesterol is one worry, but high triglycerides are a double whammy that can cause heart disease. Foods that can raise triglycerides are sugar. There are many foods that are supposed to help lower cholesterol levels, but will end up raising triglycerides. Some red beans, such as pork and beans have sugar. Fruit is supposed to promote lower levels of cholesterol, but some fruits have sugar. Eating the fruits that do not have sugar are best for lowering triglyceride levels. Nuts are supposed to be great at lowering cholesterol, but they are high in fat, which can raise triglycerides. A person may wonder which foods are safe to eat. The key is too still eat foods that will help to lower cholesterol, but to take supplements to help keep their triglycerides lower. Omega 3 is the best type of fish oil that will help to lower cholesterol, and keep triglycerides down. This would be a great supplement when people still eat high fat foods. Gugulipids are natural India herbs that have been proven to lower triglycerides. Other supplements are garlic in powder form, Flax seed, red yeast rice, and cinnamon extract.